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Catalytic combustion unit HC

Product overview

HC series organic gas catalytic device is the result of our company's research, practice and perfection for many years. At present, the sixth generation products have been widely used by domestic and foreign users, and have achieved remarkable environmental, economic and social benefits. The product is manufactured according to iec-439 international standard. The product with excellent performance, reliable quality, has won many awards, by the new and old users alike praise.

Product structure features

HC series products have unique design and reasonable layout. The following features have been summarized by users and experts


Application scope of equipment

1. It can be used for the purification of organic solvents (benzene, alcohol, ketone, aldehydes, esters, phenols, alkanes and other mixed organic gases).

2. It is suitable for the purification of organic waste gas in wire, cable, enameled wire, machinery, motor, chemical industry, instrument, automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, engine, tape, plastic, household appliances and other industries.

3. It can be used in various drying channels, tin printing can making, surface spraying, printing ink, motor insulation treatment, leather shoes viscose and other drying lines to purify the organic waste gas generated in each process.

Process flow diagram

The device uses catalyst as intermediate to change organic gas into harmless water and carbon dioxide at lower temperature.

CnHm + (n + m/4)O2 Pd - Pt/250~300°C nC02+ m/2H2O+ quantity of heat


Selection and precautions

1. The exhaust gas does not contain the following substances:

Oil with high viscosity;

P, MI, Bei, Zong, Hg, Pb, Sn;

High concentration of dust.

2. When selecting the equipment, please indicate the composition, concentration and outlet temperature of waste gas.

3. There is no corrosive gas in the equipment installation site, and good rain proof measures are taken.

4. The power supply required for the equipment is: three phase AC 380V, frequency: 50Hz.

5. If there are special requirements, please indicate.