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Incineration and heating system TNV

Product overview

The direct fired waste gas incinerator uses the heat generated by the combustion of auxiliary fuel to raise the temperature of combustible and harmful gases to the reaction temperature, thus causing oxidative decomposition. The company has accumulated many years of experience in the manufacture of organic waste gas treatment equipment, and has developed a direct fired waste gas incinerator on the basis of practice. The equipment has the advantages of small floor area, high combustion efficiency, easy management, and waste heat recovery and utilization, which is well received by users.

Product use

Direct fired waste gas incinerator is suitable for waste gas treatment of spraying and drying equipment, and purification of harmful gas from petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The gas purification of water-soluble or viscous substances and macromolecular substances in organic waste gas shows its advantages. Meet the requirements of environmental protection and labor protection, and increase heat exchange equipment to achieve the purpose of waste heat recycling and energy saving.

1. Purification treatment of organic solvent mixed gas produced in painting and drying (electrophoresis paint drying) of machinery, automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, tractor and other industries

2. It is suitable for the purification and treatment of excess waste gas in the production process of chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, coating plants, synthetic resin plants, film factories, organic chemical factories and other enterprises.

3. It is suitable for the purification of NH3, CH2 = chch0, ch2h5nh2, C6H4 (CH3) 2, C6H5CH3, C6H5OH, HCHO, CH3SH and other chemical substances (gases).

Characteristics of incinerators

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The deodorization effect is remarkable, the operation is stable, the purification efficiency is high, and there is no worry of secondary pollution

The deodorization efficiency and purification effect can be achieved by using thermal combustion method to oxidize and decompose the odor gas, and provide sufficient combustion oxygen and a certain residence time under the appropriate temperature. At the same time, the main engine of the equipment works stably, there is no catalyst aging and blocking phenomenon, which can not be solved by other waste gas treatment methods, and no secondary pollutants are produced.


It is easy to operate and maintain

The combustion machine of safe and reliable device adopts automatic oil supply (gas) and automatic adjustment of combustion temperature. The burner is easy to maintain. At the same time, the explosion concentration of organic waste gas is considered in the equipment, and the structure has the measures to prevent over temperature and explosion-proof pressure relief.


Low operating cost

The waste heat can be recycled. With the change of waste gas concentration, the combustion temperature changes timely, and the oil (gas) quantity is automatically adjusted, which can reduce the real operation cost. At the same time, the heat exchanger is selected to reuse the waste heat to achieve energy-saving effect.

Waste gas treatment

1. When the concentration of harmful substances in the exhaust gas is w2000ppm, the auxiliary fuel can provide heat (combustion can not be maintained at this time), so that the combustible materials in the exhaust gas can reach the maximum

2. Decomposition by burning temperature.

The reaction (combustion) temperature of exhaust gas is 680 ~ 820 ° C.

3. When the concentration of the mixed gas of organic solvent vapor is close to the explosion limit, it is not safe to burn. In this case, dilute the mixture and add oxygen before entering the incinerator.