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Regenerative incinerator RTO


Regenerative incinerator / tower

Product overview

Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is a kind of energy-saving environmental protection device used to treat low and medium concentration volatile organic waste gas. The regenerative thermal oxidizer uses thermal oxidation method to treat low concentration organic waste gas, and ceramic regenerative bed heat exchanger is used to recover heat. It is composed of ceramic regenerator, automatic control valve, combustion chamber and control system.

Main features

The automatic control valves at the bottom of the regenerator are respectively connected with the inlet main pipe and the exhaust main pipe. The heat of the high temperature gas from the combustion chamber is stored by the reversing valve alternately, and the organic waste gas entering the regenerator is preheated; the heat is absorbed and released by ceramic heat storage materials; the organic waste gas is preheated to a certain temperature (> 7608c) Oxidation reaction occurs in the combustion chamber to generate carbon dioxide and water, which are purified. The typical three tower RTO is composed of a combustion chamber, three ceramic packed beds and six switching valves. The regenerative ceramic packed bed heat exchanger in the device can maximize the recovery of heat energy, and the heat recovery rate is more than 95%. There is no or little fuel used in VOC treatment.

Scope of application

Application fields: Petroleum and chemical industry (such as plastic, rubber, synthetic fiber, organic chemical industry); paint production and painting; printing (including iron printing, paper printing and plastic printing); electronic components and wires; pesticides and dyes; medicine; kinescope, film, tape, etc. The concentration of organic waste gas is between 100ppm and 20000ppm.

technological process



Structural features

形狀 15

Low operation cost and ultra-low fuel cost. When the concentration of organic waste gas is above 450 ppm, RT. The unit does not need to add auxiliary fuel. The purification rate of two bed RTO is more than 98%, and that of three bed RTO is more than 99%.

形狀 15No secondary pollution such as NOx is produced.

形狀 15Automatic control, simple operation.

形狀 15High security。

形狀 15Long service life, easy maintenance。

Regenerative incinerator / rotary incinerator

Scope of application

It is applicable to the treatment of the following organic waste gas:

Large air volume and low concentration;

In the same production line, the composition of waste gas often changes due to different products;

The exhaust gas contains components that cause poisoning or activity degradation of the catalyst (for example, the metal vapor of mercury, lead, tin, zinc and phosphorus, phosphide, stele, etc., will cover the surface of the catalyst with the increase of time, making the catalyst lose its activity; the presence of halogen and a large amount of water vapor will make the catalyst temporarily lose its activity.)


Performance characteristics

形狀 15The operation cost is low and the cost performance is reasonable.

形狀 15The removal rate of VOC is 95% and 99% respectively.